What should I pay attantion to when buying bike stickers?
The right bike stickers are very important when customizing your bicycle. The wrong color or size is very annoying and may provoide a different design than you envision.

First of all, it isw ise to determine which stickers you need. For example, many brands have released new logo's wile the stikcers set you are looking for may still be in the old font. For example, there are currently 3 different logo's of Cannondale available in our webshop.

The lenght of your stickers
Of course it is important to purchase your stickers in the correct lenght. These dimensions are best measured from your bicycle frame. It's easier to have an example handy to compare the dimensions with. Measuring the dimensions is the easiest with a flexible measuring lint or a paper ribbon form the hardware store. This ensures that you don't damage your frame and you can also measure arount the tube. When measuring take into account any parts that come in fromt of the frame, eg the bottom bracket.

Chrome trim
Many vintage bicycle frames have, for example, chrome plated on the rear fork. This transition from chrome to paint is not always beautifully finished. That is why many people choose to border this sextion with, for example, an Italian or World Cup flag. You can find these stickers Here. Of course it is also possible to have this custom made for a different flag or size.

Cutting off chrome

UCI, Reynolds or Columbus decal
Especially with the Reynolds, UCI and Colombus decals, these are often special for a type of frame. For example, the UCI decal has a seperate number that belongs to the type of a brand of bicycle. If you do not know which one you need, it is wise to search for it on the internet. The UCI and Colmbus decals also have a 'standard' version. At UCI this is Approved and at Columbus this is Columbus Regular.

Many Rider like to put their name on the bike. This is possible with our namestickers. Many options are possible, such as color background, print, flag and finish. Again, it is possible to deliver the name stickers as custom by for example, differnt flag, color or size.

Personal name sticker on your bike frame

Paint shop Unlimited Colors
If your are unable to create your deam bike with our stickers sets or spray cans, we may be able to help you with this. Unlimited Webshop is a part of Unlimited Colors, a company that specialized in carbon repair and bike art. You can do the wonderfull work they deliver for individuals, companies and cycle teams can be viewed here.

Custom stickers
If you have not found the stickers you have in mind on our webshop, it is also possible to have this custom made by us. All colors and dimensions are possible. Do you want more information about the custom stickers? Please send an email to:  info@unlimitedwebshop.nl

Delivery of stickers
Our stickers are made and packed with care for you. For example, the stickers come with an application foil over the stickers. So it is easier for you to position the stickers correctly when pasting the decals. You will also receive a pasting instruction with your order to help you as much as possible to make pasting the decals to a success.

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