Order spray can in any color
The most important thing when ordering paint is of course the color. Most bicycle brands ahve given their paint colors a name. You can often find this on your receipt or warranty certificate.

Finding the right color for your bike is very important. If the color is not mentioned on your receipt or warranty certificate, you may be able to find the color name on the internet or at your dealer. If there is no color number or name of the color paint you are looking for, we recommend you to come along with a sample. That way we know for sure that the paint is delivered in the right color. However, copying paint from a photo may be very sensitive to color change, which is why we advice against it.

Spray can
If your planning to paint your bike yourself, you can purchase everything you need from us. We have th epirmer, base coast in any color and clear coat sprya cans in our range. Of course it is also possibel to have your bicycle sprayed at Unlimited Colors.

Laquer stick
A laquer stick is ideal for, for example, getting rid of stone chips on your bicycle. Masking the damage with the same color as the bike makes the damage less noticeable. If you still want to have your damage concealed invisibly, that is certainly possible. Unlimited Colors can also help you with this. The laquer stickers are ven available in fluorescent colors. Note, with a fluorescent color you must first tip a white primer and then the top coat.

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